5 Inspirational Living Rooms

5 Beautiful, Light and Bright Living Room Inspirations!

5 Inspirational Living Rooms

I’ve put together 5 of my favorite inspirational living rooms as a visual aid – I’m a very visual person (as most people are); if I can see what I want to shoot for it really helps me achieve my ultimate goal.

My Colors Are Cream and Ecru

I once had these beautiful couches – the color on the tag said, “Sea Biscuit” – not like the horse, Seabiscuit, but more like the sand dollar ( you could call them a cream or even an ecru if you want to).  They were so pretty in the store that we were hypnotized into a spend frenzy and bought them.

Then we got them home and the kids and dogs got to them. Dog slobber, children’s scribbles and dropped food stains; to put it bluntly, they were hell to keep clean. It seemed like on a weekly basis I was pulling off the covers and washing those bad boys. As you can imagine, I had a love/hate relationship with our cream-colored couches – I loved the way they looked but hated that they stained so easily (God forbid anyone with dark blue jeans sit on my couches)!

When relocation time came, tough decisions were made and I was definitely in a “hate” phase of our relationship. An unceremonious send off for the  Sea Biscuit couches was given (out to the curb). Now that they are gone I miss them so much! Moreover, I want to get another cream/ecru color or light toned couch set. Brian thinks I’m crazy. Haha!

He does not realize that I have a look that I like, and our current dark leather couches are not cutting it. I love these 5 designs because they all have two things in common – they are all LIGHT and BRIGHT! Plus, I love the POP of color! I think it makes the home feel warm and inviting. I particularly like it paired with the dark wood floors because the contrast makes everything pop all the more. What do you think? What’s your style? Do you like the light and bright like me, or are more of a dark and moody kind of person?

The Rooms

2 Ladies And A Chair
Gather & Build
San Clemente Remodel beach-style-living-room
Anchors & Cardigans
Anchors & Cardigans




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