Farm House Glam

Farm House

If you look on pinterest right now, you will be inundated with farm house looks – it’s all the rage, right? Who doesn’t love herself some Joanna Gaines?! I know I do! I literally love everything that woman does! But, short of pitching everything I own to achieve this coveted look, I decided to add some farm house flair without losing my own style or breaking the bank, so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some wooden words and jazzed them up a bit.

Thank goodness for past projects – I had some metallic gold acrylic paint from another project so I was basically set! Bonus, I didn’t have to prime anything – I just jumped right in there and started to paint!

Farm House Wooden Hi wall decal

Don’t forget to get into all the cracks and crevices…

Painting Farm House Wooden Hi wall decal gold

Painting Farm House Wooden Hi wall decal gold

Let dry between coats. I think I did about 3 coats before I was completely satisfied.

Painting Farm House Wooden Hi wall decal gold

While I was a Hobby Lobby, also got some chipboard words because they were on sale and I figured I could add them into a wreath or some other project.

Painting woodchip wall decal gold

Entry Table with gold Hi

Refreshing Old Decor

Now I’m on a painting project roll! I bought these wooden fruit on sale a Hobby Lobby, like 10 years ago (seriously). They’ve always looked drab to me but I really didn’t know what to do with them other than have them on my kitchen counter as is. But I figured I would give them a refreshing makeover while I was in the painting mood!

Grey Wooden Fruit

I gave them several coats of white acrylic paint (letting them dry completely between coats).

Grey Wooden Fruit Painted White

I wanted to give them a “dipped” look, so I painted gold on the bottom. I eyeballed it, and no, I wasn’t drinking when I painted these – because I wanted a more organic look, the lines are not suppose to be level across the bottom fruit. Brian actually told me that I should have used painters tape so my lines weren’t all wonky. AS IF! I said, “Brian, I wanted it like that. It’s not supposed to be a straight line.” His response, “You wanted it crooked?” Um, yes. I wanted it crooked. If you want a straight line, I would use the tape.

In the end, I think I ended up putting about 3 or 4 layers of the gold paint before I was happy with the results. I also painted the stems to give it a finished look.

Refresh old wooden fruit with gold dipped look

Refresh old wooden fruit with gold dipped look

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