Happy Father’s Day 

Brian and I have been together for over 20 years. He has been my rock, my love, my best friend, but above all, he has been a wonderful father to our four children. With a family of six, things can get a bit chaotic but Brian is the calm of the storm. He always keeps a level head while I’m freaking out. I’m so thankful for his love and warmth and patience and so grateful that while I’m losing my mind he just steps around me and takes care of the situation without judging me in any way. Thank you, my love! 

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About Corinne McNab

I’m a forty{something} mother of four wonderful, clever, and witty daughters, wife to an AWESOME husband for twenty{something} years, formally a SAHM (for 4 yrs), but am now a working mom who tries my very best to be a “good mom” – some days are better than others. On my down time, I love to read, find crafts, recipes, and decorating ideas on Pinterest, bake and, currently, learning how to use my new camera. I’m loyal to a fault and rock head stubborn. I’m a lover of aprons, lip gloss, and all things pretty… My blog is a journal of the wild, wacky, and weird things my kids do and everything else that falls between from the perspective of a not so domestic house wife.

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