I Am Sher-Locked

Can we talk about Sherlock for a moment? Of course we can!

I Am Sherlocked  

I hopped on the Sherlock bandwagon a little late as I was skeptical that it would be good. After all, it’s a Victorian era detective story being adapted for a modern era audience. This could go very wrong, e.g. Elementary. To be fair, I haven’t watched a single episode of Elementary, because, well, it looked too stupid. I’m sorry. I really am. I don’t mean to be too judgy or harsh in my opinion, but there it is. I don’t watch a lot of TV to begin with so, I guess I’m a bit choosy with the programs that I actually do watch.
So, last year, during our “big move” to the middle of nowhere, there was a period when I didn’t have a job and the kids were in school and I was completely bored (technically, I was supposed to be packing, but come on, this is ME we’re talking about. I am the quintessential procrastinator). In comes, Netflix! Oh! Sweet Netflix; how shall I describe thee: the lifesaver, the crusher of boredom, the filler of spaces between I have nothing to do and I really should be doing something productive but, meh, what’s the harm in watching ONE episode?! I did what any good Netflix-er does, I binged and gorged myself… on Sherlock. I almost turned it off within the first 5 minutes, but decided to ride it to the end because I’ve heard such good things about it, and by that time, I was hooked… or locked, if you prefer.  I'm not insulting you

I watched all the episodes within a week. And then I was screwed.

In desperation, I went on PBS to see if there was a new season that wasn’t on Netflix but found out the next episode wasn’t til 2017, with a “teaser” at the beginning of 2016. WHAT? Why would they do this? I mean, that’s just cruel! 

Although I knew the teaser, The Abominable Bride, aired at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t in a rush to watch it as it would only prolong my suffering – a YEAR people, that’s a long time for a person with very little patience to wait for the next episode.  Why, for the love of all things holy, do we have to wait until 2017 for the next episode? I don’t understand. Can someone please explain this to me, because it’s mind-boggling to me that I have to wait an ENTIRE year, for another fix! Seriously! I feel like Sherlock, himself, jonesing for his drug of choice. 

You were thinking. It's annoying

Anyway, I bit the bullet; I watched the new episode of Sherlock, The Abominable Bride, which by the way, I LOVED (duh)! I loved that they set them back into the original era! I missed the wit, the sarcasm and the mystery! I missed it all, and this quenched my thirst, but now… there’s nothing. It’s the Sahara desert over here.

What, I wonder, am I going to do with my time until the airing of season 4...

Well, I can sit and watch my clever timer – or – I can meditate in my mind palace to find the multitude of things I can find to do in the mean time, like, I can read the Sherlock Holmes books in full, which are currently sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust, or scour the internet for possible theories of what to expect in the new season… But, honestly, in the words of Sherlock, “When you eliminated the possible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,” and the truth is that I will probably find something else to obsess about until the time arrives. Until then…. me waiting









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