Instructions? What Instructions?

When both parents work, the chores have to be divided for a copacetic home. Brian usually does most of the cooking because he’s better at it than I am. Today, I cooked.
Here’s how it all played out:

I got a call from the nurse as soon as my lunch break began, Sophie, who has been having difficulty breathing and complaining of chest pains was in her office again; a daily occurrence. So I made an appointment with her pediatrician (again) who in turn, wrote a prescription for a chest x-ray – long story short, four hours, two offices, and two trips to the pharmacy later we were picking up her inhaler and spacer only to rush off to grab the twins from junior high late and walk Bruce who was patiently dancing in his fur pants to be let out. Finally, I’m in the kitchen making a “simple” meal from a box that we bought at Sam’s Club. I. Can. Handle. This!

The instructions were pretty simple and straight forward – thaw sauce, “fry” chicken in pan, add sauce and cook until chicken is thoroughly coated. Simple! And yet, I was able to mess it up. I throw everything into the pan at once and started to stir sauce around with frozen chicken lumps. Brian walked up and asked if I was supposed to have cooked the chicken first. I say, “No,” and started to read off the instructions – I got as far as line three before the words ceased up and I stare at the instructions as if I hadn’t just read them two times before I started. I looked up at Brian and say, “I might have messed up.” He just nodded his head and said, “okay” and walked off. He’s just so use to me messing up that it didn’t even faze him anymore. 
In the end, the flavor was good enough to mask my mistake. Brian enjoyed it, Mikaela liked it, Sophie couldn’t eat it because it was a bit too spicy  and Laila just wasn’t interested in giving it a shot at all because she is too finicky. I made the whole box and if wasn’t really enough for our large family of five. Each of us got about four or five chickens (which were piteously small) over rice (not the rice that came in the package – that’s a joke to this Asian girl).  But, all the negatives were overshadowed by the fact that the flavor was really good and I’m sure, had I actually followed the directions properly, it would have been even better. We’ll probably try it again (with some modifications)… but Brian will cook it.
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