Norman, The Girl Elf

Meet Norman, The Girl Elf

I know everyone loves Elf On the Shelf, but I’ve been really reluctant to purchase one for various reasons, namely because it’s Christmas time and it’s just one more thing to complicate an already busy time of year (and let’s face it folks, I am NOT a type A mom)… However, Sophia’s relentless harping has finally worn me down and seeing as she is the last of our true believers, I had no other choice. So, without further ado, I present Norman, the girl elf – named after her papa. I asked Sophia if she would’t rather name her Norma which is the feminine of Norman. Here’s how it went down:

Me: “So, what do you want to name her?”

Sophia: “Norman”

Me: “But that’s the name you picked out if we got a boy elf… This is a girl elf. Wouldn’t you rather name her Norma, that’s the girl version of Norman.”

Sophia: “No, her name is Norman. That’s the name I want. Besides, girls can have boy names too.”

Me: “Like, Bailey.”

Sophia: “Wait, what!? Bailey is a BOYS name?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Sophia: “No it’s not. It sounds like a girls name – It’s a girls name.”

Me: “Well, Norman sounds like a boys name.”

Sophia: (with a sound of finality) “Her name’s Norman”

So, there you go folks – Meet Norman, The Girl Elf, because girls can have boy names too…

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