Mikaela and Elephriend

I’m here in California

Well, we’re here in California . . . finally. And I gotta tell ya – I think it sucks. Granted, I haven’t experienced all that California has to offer, so…

Research shows that a woman's brain shrinks while pregnant!

What! My Brain Shrank?

After I drop the kiddos off at school I sit down with my cup of coffee and my breakfast of choice, usually a bagel and cream cheese, to watch the…

Donna Reed In Blue Jeans

Hello Universe!

My name is Corinne, I’m a forty{something} mother of four wonderful, clever, and witty daughters, wife to an AWESOME husband for twenty{something} years, formerly a SAHM {for 4 yrs}, but am now a working mom who tries her very best to be a “good mom” – some days are better than others. On my down time, I love to read, bake, find crafts, recipes, and decorating ideas on Pinterest, and, my new hobby, dabbling in photography. I’m loyal to a fault and rock head stubborn. I’m a lover of aprons, lip gloss, and all things pretty… My lifestyle blog is a journal of the wild, wacky, and weird things my kids do and everything else that falls between from the perspective of a not so domestic house wife – {aspiring to be like Donna Reed but, as it turns out, I’m more like Lucille Ball.}