Stick To What You Know

Brian: I’m hungry – you should make something for me to eat.
Me: What would you like?
Brian: I don’t know – something. Whatever you make.
Me: Can you be more specific, because as I recall you once told me not to be creative and to stick to what I know.
Brian: Yeah, that sounds like something I would say. Never-mind, I’ll make something for myself to eat.

Years ago, I was told by Brian not to get creative in the kitchen because it usually had devastatingly disgusting results.

I once tried to make Rice Soup from a Martha Stewart cookbook. It had to be good, for goodness sake, it’s in a Martha Stewart cookbook! This was my thought process when I set my mind on making this. It was just terrible – a flavorless bowl of goop. I’ll admit it. Brian called it “Glue Soup”.

Then there was the time I tried to make the onion soup pork chops my mom use to make when I was a kid. I remember it always being so delicious. The meat was moist and flavorful and was in an onion-like grave. Brian called it “Boiled Meat”. When I did it, the meat kind of curled in on itself and had the opposite of delicious flavor. It was gross and not at all what my memory of my mom’s pork chops was.

And THEN there was the time I found a 16th century roasted chicken recipe that was said to be the favorite of King Henry the 8th’s – Brian just called it a waste of good chicken. It was overly spiced and even with a tall glass of water, very hard to choke down. So, I was told, very genitally, that maybe I shouldn’t experiment (especially with 16th century recipes where they didn’t have refrigerators ) and stick to what I know (which isn’t much).

All these years later, I still stick to what I know, which still isn’t much. πŸ™‚

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